Workday Today V2

After many qualitative research studies from the last iteration, and analyzing the metrics from customer usage, I lead the development team on an even more radical design for the next iteration of the home page. We knew so much more about how users engage with this contextual experience, and what their needs are, so were excited to really push the product experience.

Hey look, we made the front page.

What were the major changes? Well, we learned the For You section of old was confusing. It looked like a "feed". The ambiguity of a list of cards did not match the end user mental models.

Simply put, we compartmentalized the experience. Visual cues and content labeling to make the intents more obvious.

The Details

Big bold welcome, and context. At the top of the page, the Keep Track content is now prioritized and we've made more use of the screen real estate. We aim to be the promise of things to come, both functionally and visually.

Announcements were also redesigned to have a more consumer-like preview experience. This was also a rebalancing of customer needs, in being able to show more preview content to their employees.

We crafted new layouts for the Discover section as well, to really bring interest to the bottom of the page. There was a conscious decision to reduce visual clutter and flourish, saving illustration only for content representation.

The new layout was also designed from the start to be naturally responsive-friendly.

That being said, there's still more work to be done. Cross product collaboration, and more time to value functionality will be the focus for the next iteration.