Workday Today - General Release

After years of being a founding designer on this project, and seeing a whole organization built around our humble beginnings, our general release has arrived for the Home page. We worked like an incubator, fastest continuous development group at the company, and it's time to make it official. This is our matured iteration of the new experience standard for the company.

The High Level Stuff

Data Driven Design: We conducted a bunch of A/B tests to see if engagement for our key metrics improved. When we swapped the columns, it did, so we committed to it. This also helped us prioritize our content even better. I also begged, borrowed, and stole other researcher's sessions (okay, they graciously collaborated) in order to get this user tested, due to our resourcing constraints.

Navigation Orchestration: I helped lead a new global navigation pattern developed by a different engineering team/organization, in tandem with this release. The legacy experience was a static apps grid, and the new one is smart, contextual, and dynamic. Most importantly, static navigation is no longer confined to the home page, it's global now in the page header.

We also did another round of Content Design in order to make the intents of the sections more explicit in context of each other. The Awaiting Your Action section now has Journeys in it, which is its proper section.

We once again adjusted the Announcements design based on customer feedback. More can be seen at once, and now the image previews don't have overlays and font obscuring them. Clean, and simple.

The Recommended For You section is updated in a more media-centric layout, and also in a gallery view in order to balance the amount of content on the screen holistically.

The new global navigation panel is the collaboration between two internal organizations and development teams. We were able to release these in concert. The static map of the system is always available globally now, and the user-created shortcuts make it even more compelling.

What's Next?

We've created the "Front Stage" of the experience, and there is a ton of opportunity to revamp the "Backstage" with the admin experiences that create the employee content on the page. There's also plenty to look at for other user types.