People Experience - Today

For the majority of my time since starting at Workday, I've been working on the first products for the new People Experience portfolio. It all started with the Journeys product, and led to the new self-service home experience. It's the most human-centered designed product I've worked on to date, at any company so far. We've spent countless hours in user testing sessions, iteration, and research synthesis to create these experiences, and I am very proud to be part of the design team responsible for it.

What did we design for the new Home? We completely personalized the HR experience for the end user. We know you're probably looking for specific things when you use Workday, and we can bring those destinations to you preemptively. We can also bring you things that you probably weren't aware of, insights to help you become your best work self. We also added a dash of charm here and there, for a more human experience. HR systems don't need to be robotic.

The main point though, is to be effective. Help get things done quick, so you can get back to your actual work. We're building an enterprise tool. It's not about long engagement, it's about maximum value in the least amount of time.

The Details

We laser focused the new home experience, and now suggest actions for you. Less digging around for the things you're here for.

We also redesigned and simplified those old announcements, treating them as a proper modern publication. We removed tons of visual complexity, and only left the important things.

Finally, we designed an all new feature that bring you contextual insights that are timely and based on your work role. Evolving the industry as more than just a 'system of reference', we're helping you become your best work self. Finally, we let you know that this isn't an endless time-trap of content.

New video playing modals, now you don't need to leave the page to get into that content.

...And we're just getting started.

Lots of user testing is ongoing, we've learned a ton, so the next iteration will be even more refined.